Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More For Spring and Summer!

Wow, first of all thanks to everyone for all the love! I've been listing new bows in my etsy shop, I'm sorry for anyone that was waiting for a specific bow to be listed but they've been selling out fast. I do restock about once a week, I'm sorry it's not more often but I'm trying not to take on more orders than I can handle! If you're looking for a bow that's on my blog or that's been sold, please convo me through etsy and I can set up a private listing.

New bows-


Popsicle Party Mini's

Tulip Garden Mini's

Watermelon Picnic Mini's


Playwear Mini's

Porcelain Mini's

Daisy Fields Mini's (can also be done in yellow/white)


Strawberry Mini's


Yacht Party Mini's